Tuesday 7 March 2017

Where is best to visit in October?

Where's best when? Its an important question and one that could have you chilling in the sunshine or drowning in the rain!

Most the time its quite easy, Winter is great for Australia, Brazil, South Africa and most places below the Equator. Mexico and the Caribbean are also at there best during winter through to autumn and then in Summer is our turn and Europe is at its prime, but what about October? 

Besides the obvious "what winter" destinations (I'm talking about you Florida & Canaries), where is still at its best but not high season?

As it happens there are some really cool places to visit during this time of year and booking now can guarantee a bargain, check out my top five!


A bit of a trek i know, but split up with a twin centre stay in Kuala Lumpa or Singapore and its much more bearable. Why here you say? Well October is the end of the tourist high season but still within the best weather and you can go see Oragatangs in the wild!

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Its actually winter in Mauritius but it should really be called the other summer as the weather is still 20C+, why here you say? Well October is cheaper than high season and if you surf, kite board or wind sail the trade winds are at there best and you can have some awesome days out in the water. 

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Fancy the Maldives but worry you would get bored after the 100th walk round the island, well check out the Seychelles! Not far from the Maldives it has great weather all year round and in October can be quite cost effective. Why here you say? Well its a bunch of islands full of activities, hiking the local hills, all kinds of water sports and huge empty tropical beaches (why would you not want to go).

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Now you cant have a travel guide without at least having one European destination in it (it is the best continent after all). Sicily is starting to cool down at this time of year but that just means its more comfortable, 20degC+ allows for some great exploring weather and Sicily has some incredible places to explore! Why here you say? Well you can hike up an active volcano, relax in some natural hot springs or explore the island by car, all in a very comfortable 20deg C+.

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Cambodia & Vietnam 

It may be rainy season in Thailand but head a bit north to Cambodia or Vietnam and you can find some great sunshine without the crowds. Why here you say? Well there is still plenty of sunshine to be had and you can get some of the hotels at a lower price than high season. 

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Do you agree with my suggestions? I'm going to be heading to Cambodia & Vietnam for a bit in October myself so if you have any suggestions please let me know.

Thanks for reading
Cal Mc


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