Friday 3 March 2017

Hiking into Bandama Caldera volcano - Gran Canaria

For some reason I always thought of Gran Canaria of a dry & dusty island but I was so wrong!

Don't get me wrong the tourist resorts in the south are pretty dry and dusty but thats due to the endless sunshine and great weather down there. If you jump in your car and head one hour North the whole island take on an incredible transformation.

Up through the windy roads of the inner island you will find yourself mesmerised by the scenery, its 
quite the distraction from driving on already terifing roads (1000 foot drops on the other side).

Lucky though you don't have to venture to-far inland to find Bandama Caldera! A huge volcanic crater with some incredible views, hiking paths, a golf course and of-course most importantly a winery!

Its very easily accessible by car and if you follow the spiral road (sick bags on standby) you will eventually end up at a cool viewing platform (theres a mini car park) with incredible views.

Once your all viewed out drive back down to the local village and take on one of the hiking trails, you can park your car along the road to the golf course. There is a flat trail which spans round the ridge of the crater or a more adventurous hike into the volcanic crater itself.

We opted for the hike into the crater and found the path pretty good, theres a-lot of loose gravel afoot but a very well maintained path all the less.

One thing to remember,  there is a gate that closes at 5pm at the top of the trail so if your not out by then you may have to do some Bear Grills climbing to get out.

If you do make it out by 5pm (I would say its brisk 1 hour hike or slow 1.5 hour hike out from the bottom) there is a nice little wine bar that sells the local wine at a very reasonable price.

If your planing a visit to Gran Canaria I highly recommend you check this place out, you can get a very cheap hire car from AutoResin (see my review of them here) so there's no excuses!

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