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Campsites in Scotland that allow campfires - 15 of the best

Are you looking for the most stunning campsites in Scotland that allow campfires? Well ponder no more as I have created a list of the top 15 that allow fires either on the beach nearby or in fire pits next to your tent.

Camping in Glencoe, Campsites in scotland that allow fires
(Caolasnacon Camping Park, Loch Leven)

With Scotland being packed full of campsites it can sometimes be a little bit difficult to sift through the endless lists to find that perfect site, and what even makes a perfect campsite? Well for us it's a quiet, small, laid back place which offers stunning scenery at a low cost. But most importantly one that allows you to set up a fire to ward of the midges and keep warm in the evenings.

All of the coastal campsites I mention below are located within a very short walk to stunning beaches and all the inland ones allow camp fires within a fire pit which is provided by the site owners (sometimes for a small charge).

Handy Tips

Before I set out the list here are some handy tips to help you plan an awesome camping trip. 
  1. Midgies tend to come out in late May so plan a trip before then to avoid the little buggers. 
  2. Islands can be pretty cold and windy until June, especially at night. 
  3. Bring your own kindling and logs as burning the local vegetation isn't cool.
  4. Bring some lighter fluid or blocks to help light a fire in the wind.
  5. Most importantly! Bring a banana, cut it in half, stick some chocolate and marshmallows in there, wrap it in tin foil and sit it in the fire for 10-20 mins. An awesome snack! 

The List 

1- Caolasnacon Caravan & Camping Park (Loch Leven)
2 - Seal Shore (Isle of Arran)
3 - Port Ban Holiday Park (Kintyre)
4 - Scurrival Campsite (Isle of Barra)
5 - Glenbrittle Campsite (Skye)
6 - Kintra Farm (Islay) (Click here to see our blog post on this site)
7 -Fidden Farm (Isle of Mull)
8 -Invercaimbe Caravan & Campsite (Arisaig)
9 -The Croft Camping & Caravan Site (Arisaig) (Click here to see our blog post on this site) 
10 - Comrie Croft  (Perthshire)
11 - Loch Chon Campsite (Loch Lomond National Park)
12 - Inchcailloch Campsite (Loch Lomond National Park)
13 - Balloch O'Dee (Dumfries & Galloway)
14 - Red Squirrel (Glencoe)
15 - Dunnet Bay Caravan & Camping Park (Near John O'Groats)

I hope you find this list helpful during your next camping trip because it's not really camping if you can't set fire to some marshmallows and burn the roof of your mouth!

Camping in Arisiag, Campsites in scotland that allow fires
(The Croft Camping & Caravan Site, Arisaig)

Camping in Arisaig 2, Campsites in scotland that allow fires
(Beach at The Croft Camping & Caravan Site, Arisaig)

Camping in Barra, Campsites in scotland that allow fires
(Scurrival Campsite, Barra)

Camping in Barra 2, Campsites in scotland that allow fires
(Beach at Scurrival, Barra)

Camping in Islay, Campsites in scotland that allow fires
(Kintra Farm, Islay)

Camping in Islay, Campsites in scotland that allow fires
(A few beers in Islay)

Camping in Loch Lomond, Campsites in scotland that allow fires
(Fire Pit at Loch Chon)

Camping in Loch Lomond, Campsites in scotland that allow fires
(One of the camp spots at Loch Chon)

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