Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Cheap Business Class and First Class flights from £999 - FLASH SALE

Swiss and Lufthansa are currently running a flash 2-4-1 sale on Business Class and First Class flights flying to various long haul destinations from not only London but also other UK Airports. Check out the prices and destination below and click on the links within this post to book the flights.

(Swiss Business Class)

Prices are based on two people flying and are shown on this blog as per person, when you click on the links it will show the price for 2 persons. 


Flying from London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow or Manchester. 

Abuja £1,250
Almaty £999
Astana £999
Bangkok £1,250
Beijing £1,500 (First Class = £1,999)
Bengaluru £999 (First Class = £1,499)
Bogota £1,500 (First Class = £1,999)
Chengdu £1,350 (First Class = £1,750)
Chennai £999
Dar es Salaam £999
Delhi £999 (First Class = £1,499)
Guangzhou £1,350 (First Class = £1,750)
Hong Kong £1,250 (First Class = £1,999)
Johannesburg (First Class = £2,499) 
Lagos £999 
Luanda £999
Nairobi £999 (First Class = £1499)
Port Harcourt £999
Rio de Janeiro £1,500
San Paulo £1,500
Shanghai £1,350 (First Class = £1,750)

(Lufthansa Business Class)
(Lufthansa First Class)

Swiss Air 

Flying from London Heathrow, Birmingham, Manchester & Edinburgh. 

Bangkok £1,250
Beijing £1,500 (First Class = £1,999)
Dar es Salaam £999 (First Class = £1,499)
Delhi £999 (First Class = £1,499)
Hong Kong £1,250 (First Class = £1,999)
Mumbai £999 (First Class = £1,499)
Nairobi £999 (First Class = £1,499)
Rio de Jeneiro £1499
San Paulo £1499 (First Class = £1,999)
Shanghai £1350  (First Class = £1749)

Business Class links 

First Class Links 

(Swiss First Class)
(Swiss First Class)

Booking Conditions 

  • You must book before the 15th of September via the links provided in this post 
  • Two people must travel together 
  • Travel at any date, subject to availability until 31st of July 2019 (30th of June for destinations in China) 
  • Must stay a Saturday night and the maximum stay is 3 months 
  • Bookings are non refundable or changeable (only your tax will be refunded if you cancel which is around £500 of the ticket price)

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