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5 of the best things to do in St Lucia (With Video Diary)

Heading to St Lucia? Or just want to lust over some incredible things to do on this stunning island? Well after spending a week in the town of Soufriere, Jess and I have put together the top things to do with a couple of handy food and drink suggestions to keep you on the right tracks.

Hotel chocolate in St Lucia, Soufrière, St Lucia by

A visit to St Lucia would not be complete without a trip to the town of Soufriere. It contains all the major sights on the island and if you really want to explore them all (without the rush of a day trip crowd) I would recommend hiring a 4x4 (get one cheap here) and staying in this incredible town for a few days (click here to check out where we stayed).

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With St Lucia being such an incredibly colourful and stunning island words and photos just don't do it justice, so instead we have put together a travel diary video of how we got on during our stay, check out Part-1 below where we spent our first week on the west coast in Soufriere and next month we will post Part-2 where we spent a week in the North of the island at the stunning Sandals Grande Resort. 

Sugar Beach

Pink golf cart, sugar beach, Soufrière, St Lucia by

Situated between both Pitons, Sugar Beach is probably the most stunning beach on the island and thankfully since all the beaches in St Lucia are public you don't even need to be staying at the resort to enjoy it. Park up at the top car park, tell the staff your having lunch down at the resort and they will phone for one of their little pink golf carts to come collect you. When you get to the beach it is split in two, public side on the left with free sun loungers and where all the snorkelling is, then the resort beach on the right where it is $100 to hire a sun lounger for the day (you can swim at either regardless of hiring a sun bed). Alternatively, you can place your towel down and sit on the sand anywhere along the beach (on the public side or the resort side), there is plenty space. 

Sugar Beach, Soufrière, St Lucia by

Do make sure you have lunch at Sugar Beach resort, the burger sliders are awesome and won't break the bank. Once you're done just show your food receipt to the transport guys and they will take you back up the hill. If you don't have food or drink at the resort then it's a very long uphill walk (basically a hike) so it is definitely worth spending at least $10 on a couple of Piton beers to get the free lift.

Sulphur Springs Mud-Baths

Sulphur springs and mud bath St Lucia,Soufrière, St Lucia by

Located not too far from Sugar Beach you will find the sulphur hot springs, head here after 5pm or before 9am to get the place to yourself and avoid the busy day tours that arrive every day. If you have your own car you don't need to pre-book and it costs less than $20 for entry for two people. Get yourself plastered in mud and relax in the warm natural water breathing in that lovely surfer smell! The sulphur levels are actually quite low here (thankfully) and an hour in the mud-bath is probably enough before you start to crave some fresher air down the mountain. 

Mud baths in St Lucia  by calm travels
Mud baths in Soufrière, St Lucia by

Boucan by Hotel Chocolate (Tree to Bar Tour)

Boucan by hotel chocolate entrance, Soufrière, St Lucia by

This was probably the highlight of our trip and we have to give a big shout out to Cuthbert who gave us the most incredible tour. The tour comes in two parts and I highly recommend you do both the 2-hour tree to bean and 2-hour Been to Bar tours. They are both very different and doing both will give you the story of chocolate from the tree to the bar. 

During the Tree to Bean tour Cuthbert who is not only the guide but the nursery supervisor will walk you through the plantation explaining the verity of coco plants growing within the estate. You will then get the chance to pick a pod from a plant, visit the fermentation and drying area then even craft your own coco tree which Cuthbert will hand plant and will become part of the Hotel Chocolate estate and eventually provide coco for their chocolate bars.

tree to bean tour by hotel chocolate, Soufrière, St Lucia by
tree to bean tour by hotel chocolate, Soufrière, St Lucia by
tree to bean tour by hotel chocolate, Soufrière, St Lucia by

If you opt to continue on the bean to bar tour, then you better get ready to drown in chocolate because here you will spit the pod to taste the baba de cacao (sweet pulp sounding the coco beans ,kinda tastes like lemonade) and then make your own chocolate bar (whilst tasting lots of chocolate on the way). Cuthbert will task you through the process and provide you with some dried coco beans which you can grind up in a hot mortar and pestle, add the coco butter and a little bit of sugar before pouring into a mould. 

bean to bar tour by hotel chocolate, Soufrière, St Lucia by
bean to bar tour by hotel chocolate, Soufrière, St Lucia by

Anse Chastanet & Mamin Beach

Anse Chastanet beach, Soufrière, St Lucia by
(Anse Chastanet)

Two incredible beaches with some great snorkelling, Anse Chastanet is your best bet to see some incredible fish in the reef but if you walk just 10 minutes along the beach you will reach Anse Mamin Beach which is a secluded black sandy beach with an incredible BBQ outdoor grill. These guys will serve up an awesome burger using local produce and the incredible St Lucian Banana Sauce (we had lunch here a couple of times during our stay since were total burger addicts).

Anse Mamin beach, Soufrière, St Lucia by
(Anse Mamin)

Jade Mountain (Dinner at Jade Mountain Club) 

Jade mountain club roof terrace view, Soufrière, St Lucia by

If someone asked me what restaurant in the whole world has the most incredible view then this place wins every time (seriously if you haven't watched the video at the top of this post then go check it out now). You have to go here if you're in St Luciaeven if that means eating cheesy pasta from the supermarket every other night to justify the cost it really is worth it. For $100 per person there is a fixed 3 course mean and to be fair it is a good price for what you get (drinks can get expensive tho).

Jade Mountain Club food, Soufrière, St Lucia by
Jade Mountain Club dinner, Soufrière, St Lucia by
Jade mountain club dinner, Soufrière, St Lucia by

Park up at Anse Chastanet where a driver will take you up the windy hills to the underground drop off point at Jade Mountain. From here you will be personally escorted like one of the royal family to the roof top terrace where the view is once in a lifetime. Top Tip, google what time sunset is and make sure you book around that time, we headed there an our early to enjoy some drinks before dinner and watch the sun go down in what felt like the set of Jurassic Park. 

Jade mountain club terrace view, Soufrière, St Lucia by

The restaurant does state that its for patrons only but if you call them on 758-459-4000 (Local number) or email them at and ask for reservations at Jade Mountain Club Restaurant. They will then will send you a form to complete for external guests and once you arrive will make you feel as welcome as if you were a guest at the hotel. 

Handy Tips 

Coffee - Zaka Art Cafe
Shop - Eroline's Supermarket (park up on a side street and just walk down)
Fuel & Snacks - Cool Breeze
Cheap Good Food - Rubys Pizza & Grill
Expensive Good Food - Hotel Chocolate & Jade Mountain

Zaka art cafe, Soufrière, St Lucia by
(Zaka Art Cafe)

Hopefully this was somewhat helpful for anyone planning a trip to St Lucia and if you haven't sorted your accommodation or car rental out then I highly recommend you check out my post on our incredible Airbnb with infinity pool (for less than £150pn) and fuss free independent 4x4 jeep hire. 

Best Airbnb in the world, Soufrière, St Lucia by

Been to St Lucia before? Heading there soon? Why not let me know in the comments section how you get on or any questions you have. 

Cal & Jess



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