Monday 18 September 2017

Best Airbnb's in Santorini, Greece - 5 best AirBnB's for your next trip to Greece

We've all seen those incredible photos of the white houses of Santorini, but how do you get one of those awesome places with a private pool looking out to sea? Well forget hotels, unless you want to spend £1000's on a luxury room! instead check out these stunning AirBnB's which range from £55 - £475 per night.

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The Hot Tub one

AirBnB Name: Deluxe Suite with outdoor jet tub
What: 1 bedroom suite with outdoor hot tub
How Much: £118pn
Key Features: Hut Tub and awesome outdoor chill out area

Why I'd like to stay: Just imagine coming back after a day exploring the island to eat dinner and chill out here! Pour me a gin and leave me to soak in that tub!

The little one  

AirBnB Name: 3 daughters (in the centre of Santorini)
What: 1 bedroom 2 bed apartment
How Much: £55pn
Key Features: Incredible decor, little outdoor area & reasonably priced

Why I'd like to stay: If your looking for something nice and simple but still have that awesome white Santorini feel then this place looks perfect! At just £55pn its perfect for an awesome stay on a budget.

The Rich Kid's One

AirBnB Name: Villa Nefeli
What: 2 bedroom villa with infinity pool
How Much: £479pn
Key Features: That pool and View!

Why I'd like to stay: Ok so its not too budget friendly but look at this place! Its so fricking cool, imagine chilling in that private mini pool all day whilst looking out at that view.

The Mini Cave 

AirBnB Name: Raki Cave
What: 1 bedroom cave home
How Much: £74pn
Key Features: Cave bathroom and private nice outdoor area

Why I'd like to stay: Back to reality and this place is more budget friendly, with a really cool cave feel (look at that bathroom) you will feel right at home in Santorini.

The Epic Cave 

AirBnB Name: Sunset Cave 
What: 1 bedroom cave home with outdoor pool
How Much: £267pn
Key Features: Mini pool, incredible sunset views, spacious interior

Why I'd like to stay: Look at those views, imagine watching the sunset on the roof followed by some drinks in the mini pool! Epic!

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Want to see some more Awesome AirBnB's picked by me, well I say me Jess actually picked out most of them but I'm still going to take the credit :) 



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