Thursday 10 August 2017

Cheap Business Class Flight to Chile - £1230 Return

Have you ever fancied visiting Chile but been put off by the thought of cramming yourself into an economy seat for 15 hours? Well your in luck! Alitalia are running a very good deal to Santiago (capital of Chile) flying on a 777 and in the comfort of business class, check out the details of Alitalia Business Class here.

To put this into context it would normally cost you £3500 return to fly Business Class to Chile from Europe and £1100 return to fly economy from Glasgow so this really is a bargain!

Air Italia - Business Class Seats on their Boeing 777

I have put together a sample trip to Chile but the cheapest flights at £1265 are travelling from now until the end of October, from then on the price is still good at £1600 but getting a little to expensive (you can also change the duration from 1 to even 6 weeks if you want).


The flights will leave from Amsterdam so you will need to book yourself a flight over there. I would recommend arriving the night before at the latest on the way to Chile and allow for around around 6 hours connection time on the way home. You can see my example below of how I planned for a 2 night stay in Amsterdam to make this a twin centre stay.

Where to Book

You can use a simple Google flight search or just click on the link below and select the box with the date in it to select other travel dates and durations.

Amsterdam - Chili = Air Italia Business Class (lie flat seats) = £1265

Glasgow - Amsterdam = KLM economy = £90 

Example Schedule

Departing Glasgow 2nd October 9:00
Arriving Amsterdam 2nd October 11:50

2 days in Amsterdam

Departing Amsterdam 4th October 17:50
Arriving Santiago 5th October 8:00

11 days in Chile

Depart Santiago 16th October 11:50
Arrive Amsterdam 17th October 10:45

Depart Amsterdam 17th October 21:00
Arrive Glasgow 17th October 21:45

Hotels & What to do?

With Chile having so many incredible places it would be wrong to just stay in the one place so I would recommend heading over to Chile's travel site here which has a great planner allowing you to build your own itinerary. You can fly internal to visit some of the most stunning national parks in the world or even head to Easter Island for a look at the stone heads.


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