Tuesday 14 February 2017

5 Days in New York - Travel Diary Part Two

Woahhh hold on - if you haven't read part one of this trip click here and check that out first!

Day 3

The next day with a mild hangover and tired feet we took the subway down to lower Manhattan to visit the 9:11 Memorial. We quite fancied going into the museum as we had heard good things about it but a huge queue in baking hot weather put us off so we just ended up walking around the pools. We did however take a walk to the One World Trade Centre, currently the third tallest building in the world.There is an observation deck at the top but because we had already gone up the Rockefeller Centre we decided not to spend the cash.

The rest of the day was spent wandering around, we checked out the statue of liberty from the shoreline, did a bit more shopping and then had some craft beers and nachos in a beer hall on 5th Avenue.

Sat Night, I had two tickets to see the Mets pay baseball in the Caesars Gold section of the Citi Stadium, this gave us access to a private bar and some great seats to watch the game (£60 each). We got the train out to the stadium which didn’t take too long. Once we'd grabbed some Mets attire (you gotta fit in with the crowd) we headed straight to the bar.

Looking like true American baseball fans (or total tourists) we cheered the Mets to victory as they won't the game! The night ended with a bang as a huge firework show was put on by the stadium as part of their Saturday night show.

Day 4

Today was all about the Natural History Museum, we walked from the hotel via the park but not before picking up another New York Cheese Cake from Magnolia Bakery and some sandwiches to have a picnic along the way.

It was pretty busy when we arrived but there wasn't much of a queue at the self service machines so managed to get tickets pretty quickly and headed straight into the museum. I definitely recommend this way of buying your ticket, the price was the same as pre-booking or group booking. 

The museum is great and just what you expect, lots of old stuff and things to spot from the film "Night at the Museum".

The rest of the day was spend chilling out in the park before heading back to the hotel.

Tonight we had tickets to Avenue Q. I was sceptical about this musical, a recommendation from Jess, since it's about some puppets living in New York... But it was quite honestly one of the funniest shows I have ever seen! We scoffed some super strong Long Island Iced Teas and laughed until our sides hurt.

Day 5

Day 5 and my feet were killing me, so to soothe the pain we went . . .  shopping!

We did stop off at Ellen's Stardust Diner for breakfast where a Broadway actor sung a great version of Jackson 5 to Jess while we ate our pancakes. It’s a pretty cool place and definitely recommend it for something different.

After some shopping we headed to Grand Central where we wandered around and took some photos. I have heard that if you go to one end of the hall and speak to the wall a friend at the other end can hear you, probably not true but definitely going to try this next time I’m there even if I look like a complete nutter.

Bumped into a film set on our way back to the hotel.

We had nothing booked on our last night so just decided to have a nice meal at the hotels restaurant and chill upstairs on the roof bar.

Day 6

Our last day was pretty relaxing, we took a picnic in the morning out to Central Park, another New York Cheese cake was involved! Then got our stuff packed up for our trip home.

We decided since it was so easy to get the bus from Newark Airport that we would do the same on the way out to JFK airport, this was a huge mistake! The bus skipped the highway and instead took the longest way ever to the airport. To make things even worse there was roadworks on the way so this delayed us even more but luckily we left super early so we could make the most of the Concord Lounge at the airport so arrived on time. Note to self - never take the bus from JFK. I think it took more than 2 hours.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.


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  1. Thanks very much glad you enjoyed the post, I highly recommend getting over there! So much to see and do.


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