Thursday 31 August 2017

5 Quirky things to do in Prague

During a recent trip to Prague and thinking that an easy Google search of "what to do in Prague" would bring up some cool ideas I was quite disappointed to find every website just list museum after museum. So what do you do in Prague if your here for just 3 days and want something a little different? Well check out my list of the top 5 non-museum things to do!

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1. Book an e-bike tour with I love E Bike

Colourful bike over looking the stunning city of Prague

Prague is hilly and if you fancy yourself a nice cycle round the city without feeling like a competitor in the Tour de France then you need to book a tour with these guys! The e-bikes feel just like a good old fashioned bicycle but with the added bonus of a throttle that can take over the hard work when your over peddling. This tour was so good I even dedicated an entire post on it here, so check it out for details on where to book and what sights you will see.

2. Go on a beer tour with Beer Prague 

Copper stills of Prague beer during a beer tasting walking tour
The foam bubbles of beer during a beer tour in Prague,
Selection of colourful beers to try during the Beer Prague tour,
Delighted look with two dark beers during the walking tour of Prague micro breweries,

Prague, the city of Pilsner! Its well known that they brew some pretty awesome beer here and what better way to learn about it than a guided tour drinking sample after sample of awesome Beer, and by sample I mean pint after pint! There are lost of beer tours around but I would highly recommend Beer Prague, these guys are passionate about there beer and make sure your having the best time.

3. Take my walking tour! (doughnut ice-cream & beer garden)

Ice-cream doughnut in Prague,
cool things to do in Prague, Cal McTravels walking guide of Prague
Cal McTravels walking guide of Prague, best things to do in Prague

Click here for google map route 

The city of Prague is stunning and with old cobbled streets to huge open parks it really has some great places to walk. Why not take my 4km walking tour which stops of for beer and doughnuts on the way. Starting at the old town square the tour takes you to a micro brewery then onto the Charles Bridge through some of the old towns streets. Once over the bridge you can grab a doughnut ice-cream and walk along the rive banks to the entrance of the huge park. Hike the steps and see the metronome sculpture which replaced an old statue of Stalin and then finish the walk off in a huge beer garden over looking the city.

Cal McTravels walking map of Prague

4. Head to the island park to hire a pedalo and feed the swans

Pedalo hire and beach in Prague,
Best things to do in Prague, Different things to do in Prague,

If the city is getting a bit much and you want some greenery then why not spend the day on the small islands in the middle of the Vltava river. With some beaches, pedals to rent and beer available from local vendors this place is a great hang out to get away from the city feel. 

5. Eat some awesome food 

If your getting hungry after a long days sightseeing then your in luck, Prague has some really awesome places to eat so if your peckish then why not check out one or all three of these awesome restaurants.

San Carlo Italian restaurant in Prague
incredible pizza at the authentic Italian San Carlo in Prague,

Hipster burgers at Dish in Prague, this place is super cool and serves some incredible burgers,
Two of the most amazing burgers I have ever had, best places to eat in Prague, best burgers in Prague, hipster restaurant,

Pork Knuckle in Prague, this traditional dish looked pretty messy but was simply incredible!

Enjoy this guide? fancy booking a little Euro-Rail trip? Well why not check out my guide of how to book a bargain Euro-Rail trip and make Prague a stop of on your tour. 

Also if you liked this guide why not check out my top things to do in Bratislava, just a little train trip away this little city is a must visit on any trip to the area. 



  1. Pork Knuckle looks very delicious

    1. Hey,

      We were quite sceptic at first, but so glad we tried it because it was amazing! Highly recommend getting one if your visiting the area.


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