Sunday 4 June 2017

Buy cheap Avios via Tesco Direct (0.3p per Avios) + 1000 free Avios

Tesco are currently running an offer on HP ink cartridges where you will receive 1000 extra Tesco Clubcard points for each cartridge purchased. Is it worth it? YES!


Effectively buying Avios at 0.6p if you keep them and 0.3p if you sell them on (remember that buying Avios via BA or normally costs 1.1 - 2p per Avios and thats during an offer).

Each 1000 club card points convert to 2400 Avios or 2500 Virgin Atlantic flying miles.

Click here for the offer (currently only the £20 and up ones are available, watch out for the £17 ones as these are sold from a different supplier and you will not get bonus club card points)

  • If you spend £75 you can use code "TDX-KYMX" for £10 off 
  • If you spend £150 you can use code "TDX-HKFY" for £20 off 

The Math 

You will recieve 1000 bonus Club Card points for each ink cartridge purchased (you can collect a maximum of 30,000 Club Card points per quarter)


8 x £19 cartridges = £152
Code "TDX-HKFY" = £20 off
Total cost = £132

Points (for Avios)

8 x 1000 club card points bonus + 20 per cartridge = 8160
8160 x 2.4 (conversion to avios) = 19584 Avios

This means you are buying Avios at 0.67p each!

If you sell the ink cartridges on eBay or through a recycle program you can expect you get around half your money back, this then brings the cost of buying Avios to 0.33p each which is incredible.

This offer is likely to sell out quickly, there was £12 cartages on offer yesterday but they did not last long at all.

Free 1000 Avios? 

Click here to sign up to the Marriott Rewards to receive 1000 Avios for nothing, all you have to do is sign up and enter your British Airways executive card number to receive the free Avios. No catch just some easy free Avios.

Anyone with a parter or kids can earn extra Avios by signing them up too. If they don't have British Airways Executive account yet then sign them up and then create a family account (this allows you to pool all your Avios together) then sign up each one to the Marriott Offer (even if you are a member already just use a different email address).


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