Wednesday 31 May 2017

Deals of the week - (NYC & Boston £270, Qatar 48 flash sale, free hotel credit)

My round up of the best flight, hotel and air mile deals currently going round the inter web this week.

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Qatar Airways (48 hour flash sale)

Economy (flying from London, Manchester, Birmingham or Edinburgh)

Dubai, travelling in June = £311 - £330
Bangkok, travelling in Oct/Nov = £420-£440
Singapore, travelling in Nov = £450-£475
Bali, travelling in June = £450-£500

British Airways 

Business Class (flying from Inverness)

Inverness - LHR - New York, travelling anytime = £1300

Availability is wide open through the summer and to the end of the year. The booking is through British Airways but from London - NYC you will be flying on an American Airlines 2016 business class seat on their Boeing 777 (most people actually find this better than British Airways business class).

Economy (flying from Inverness)

New Yorktravelling between 28th Sep - 21st October (KLM) = £295 
New York, travelling 12th to 17-18 or 19th Dec (KLM + Delta) = £295 

Boston, availability wide open through the year (KLM or BA) = £270 or £300 
(you can actually pick a long layover in Amsterdam (KLM) for no extra cost making this a great twin centre trip)

50% off a booking with

The guys at Inside Flyer have posted a link which allows you to get $40USD cash back after a stay, so if you book a hotel for $80 you will get $40 back. its worth using this if your planning a cheap stay somewhere (city break to Glasgow?).

10% of code for

Hotels are currently running a 10% discount code, click here to access the site and use code "JUICY" to get 10% off all bookings.

50% extra Avios when purchasing them on Iberia 

If you have an Iberia account (Spanish equivalent of BA) you can get a 50% bonus on all Avios purchased on the site. You will need to have an active Iberia account for this and the offer ends on the 1st of June.

30,000 Avios = 385 Euros
150,000 Avios = 1800 Euros

It works out at around 1p per Avios which is good if you are using a 2 for 1 companion ticket (click here to read about my beginner guide to Avios) but I would only really be buying some if you need a few extra to get the flight you want.

Heres a quick example of a flight to NYC in Business and First Class

Cash Ticket (normally price) 
Business = £2200 per person (so two people = £4400)
First = £4000 per person (so two people = £8000)

Reward flight using Avios and a 2 for 1 voucher (for 2 people)
Business Class Reward seat = 100,000 Avios + £960 taxes (£480 per person)
First Class Reward Seat = 136,000 Avios + £1080 taxes (£590 per person)

So as you can see buying Avios can actually be a cheap way of flying Business or First class. There will be more 50% bonus deals later in the year so don't worry if you missed this one.

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